About Me

Next Horizon Consulting in Fort Collins offers career coaching, small business employee culture development and more. NHC evolved from over 20 years of working with organizations, groups and individuals to empower them to recognize potential, identify goals and realize dreams. Free initial consulation sessions available.Learn More

"Nikki helped me to realize obstacles that my current mindset has created and she helped me develop a realistic plan to begin overcoming those obstacles. Nikki is very easy to talk to, non-judgmental, and knowledgeable; I highly recommend her to anyone looking to change or enhance their career."

Jenny W.

"The process helped me explore different possibilities for who I could be as a professional. I realized that I had been the number one person holding me back from taking the next step."

Sarah H.

"If you feel stuck in your career, the idea of changing jobs can feel overwhelming. Thankfully, I had Nikki Stansfield in my corner! I am so grateful for her guidance, and I think it would be difficult to find a more gifted career/life coach!"

Daniel H.

"Outstanding facilitation, meaningful dialogue and seamless guidance through a complex topic."

Paul N. - Everything DiSC Workplace training participant
what i love to do
in my line of work

Coach individuals, teams and organizations to help them develop and implement innovations for growth.

Implement professional development that engages and mentally stretches participants.

What I will bring
to an individual, team or organization…

An enthusiastic and results driven approach.

Excellent facilitation and coaching skills.

The ability to help clients visualize a goal and break it down into discernible parts and
timelines so that it is accessible, viable and achievable.

What I Offer

Powerful Career
For those that have a change they want to make, a dream they want to fulfill or a goal they want to accomplish.

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Professional Learning

Learning sessions and workshops for continuous growth and improvement.

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Intentional Culture

Support the development of a professional work culture in which employees are compelled to offer more of their capability and potential. 

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