Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Circumstances

Consider this for a moment; all emotions and feeling states are created by how we react to our thoughts. As a business owner, I know that I want to feel happy and successful as a professional. What would I be thinking if I felt happy, successful, sure of myself as a professional? This is what ...Read more

The Power of Stories

An insight into the importance of understanding your stories and thought patterns to create the future you want.  Storytelling:  A Powerful Tool  ...Read more

New Way to Activate Gratitude as a Gateway to Abundance

This is my first official blog post for 2019.  I personally feel that everyone is overwhelmed in January with new year content.  Therefore, I decided to wait a month, until all the virtual and social media “noise” was tuned down before offering up my insights and empowering messaging.  Besides, if you are like me, February ...Read more

Bringing a Sense of Control to the Career Clarification Process part 3

For the majority of my clients, the career clarification process is about much more than finding a job.  It’s about connecting with their essential-self and finding a way to bring that connection into their professional and personal life.  The process is emotional since it involves dreaming and goal setting which can awaken that part of ...Read more