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Transformational career and professional growth coaching for individuals that want to wake up every morning in alignment with their life's purpose.  As a career and life clarification coach, I partner with individuals to help them identify how they see themselves as authentic professionals and leaders.  My work includes supporting clients as they develop meaningful goals and a plan for intentional and courageous self-exploration and professional growth.  If you want to recreate yourself on paper (i.e. resumes and cover letters), I am not for you.  If you want to work with someone who will push you to examine not only your core strengths and values, but to also connect with your essential and authentic self, let’s talk!  I have been trained as a life coach by the Martha Beck Institute and as a Narrative Assessment Career Coach by Career Cycles and OneLife Tools.  FREE Initial 15-20 minute initial consultation session.  Review  Coaching Packages to learn more. NHC Career Coaching Model

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Individual Career Coaching

Professional Learning

Adult learning should be engaging and leave participants feeling exhilarated and eager to apply what they have learned.  I LOVE developing and implementing workshops and other professional development sessions where each participant can be stretched and explore material in a way that is meaningful to them.  There is no "sit and get" during a Next Horizon Consulting's workshop.  Participants will be given tools and experiences to apply what is being shared and interact with others to deepen their understanding and broaden their perspective.  I offer various sessions, including Everything DiSC Workplace and the Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team that can be tailored to meet your group's or organization's unique needs.

Intentional Culture

Why is a professional work culture important?  As a business owner, is your overall business success suffering from high employee turnover, high rates of absenteeism, low morale and under performing employees?  If you answered "yes" to any of these, then you really need to consider investing in improving your professional work culture and overall employee engagement.  Employee Engagement Services Overview

Professional Services for Small Businesses and Organizations